How to Get Tested for Herpes

Most people don’t understand that getting tested for herpes does not happen automatically when you ask your doctor to “test you for everything.”  How to get tested for herpes?  You have to specifically ask your doctor to include herpes tests along with all of the other STD tests.

What and How to Ask Your Doctor

Believe it or not, most doctors do NOT include a blood test for herpes when they are testing patients for other common STD’s – unless you specifically ask them to.

If you have a regular doctor and if your insurance plan will pay for STD testing, then ask your doctor to screen you for all STD’s and make sure to request and confirm that your doctor is including a type-specific IgG blood test for BOTH HSV-1 and HSV-2.  Otherwise, your STD test panel probably will not include a test for herpes.

If you are having an active outbreak, see your doctor right away and also ask for a PCR test of your active infection.

How to Order Your Own Confidential STD Tests

If you do NOT have a regular doctor or your insurance does not cover STD testing, you can order a confidential STD screening at a local lab near you and get your results online by using a PRIVATE, AFFORDABLE service such as STDCheck.  They use independent labs all over the USA and you should be able to find a lab near you and set up your own appointment quickly.  


Western Blot test

If you or your doctor are unsure about the accuracy of your previous herpes blood test(s), you may want to order the “Western Blot” blood test from the University or Washington’s virology department.  The Western Blot is the “gold standard” and most sensitive and accurate herpes blood test available.  To order: 

Planned Parenthood

In many areas, Planned Parenthood will offer confidential STD testing for fees on a sliding scale, based on your ability to pay.  In some places, they will include a blood test for HSV-2, but not HSV-1 (which can also cause genital herpes).  Ideally, you should get tested for BOTH HSV-1 and HSV-2 to understand what may be causing your symptoms.

Click here to find your local Planned Parenthood STD testing center.

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